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Will fractional scaling ever be implemented?
Feature requests1 replyLast on 2022‑12‑04, 01:54 AMby KODAMO
3 or more modulators playing incorrectly on setup
Bug reports2 repliesLast on 2022‑11‑30, 02:05 AMby noyzelab
microtuning not working?
Bug reports21 repliesLast on 2022‑11‑29, 04:36 PMby flec8
Mask1 chatter
Colin Muir Dorward
Misc3 repliesLast on 2022‑11‑19, 06:49 PMby Waggerman
Envelope time multiplier
Colin Muir Dorward
Feature requests3 repliesLast on 2022‑11‑09, 10:13 PMby Colin Muir Dorward
Encoders not working properly
Bug reports2 repliesLast on 2022‑11‑09, 09:48 PMby mbang
Voice organization: delete unused voices
Colin Muir Dorward
Feature requests1 replyLast on 2022‑11‑09, 03:12 PMby KODAMO
Thanks Soarer for your sound bank
Colin Muir Dorward
Sound banks1 replyLast on 2022‑10‑18, 09:31 PMby Soarer
Coarse & fine tune (RATIOS) option?
Feature requests9 repliesLast on 2022‑10‑15, 01:11 AMby Colin Muir Dorward
A new Effect that simply passes audio through
Feature requests4 repliesLast on 2022‑10‑15, 01:05 AMby Colin Muir Dorward
Naming banks?
Feature requests4 repliesLast on 2022‑10‑15, 01:00 AMby Colin Muir Dorward
Qunexus powered by USB port?
Jon Doe One
Questions & tips1 replyLast on 2022‑10‑02, 11:04 PMby KODAMO
Varying volumes from out 1, 2, etc.
Questions & tips4 repliesLast on 2022‑09‑28, 03:02 AMby KODAMO
replacement rack ears?
Misc1 replyLast on 2022‑09‑20, 09:18 PMby KODAMO
Oxi One sequencing EssenceFM
Your tracks/videos4 repliesLast on 2022‑09‑19, 09:11 AMby Soarer
Send USB Midi thru Midi Out
Feature requests1 replyLast on 2022‑09‑08, 04:30 PMby KODAMO
give a kodamo to loopop
Feature requests20 repliesLast on 2022‑08‑28, 07:58 PMby pete.m
No unison?
Questions & tips1 replyLast on 2022‑08‑28, 01:33 AMby KODAMO
Layering Advice
Questions & tips2 repliesLast on 2022‑08‑24, 04:06 PMby fori
Using more than 1 output at the same time?
Telum Atramenti
Questions & tips6 repliesLast on 2022‑08‑17, 09:48 PMby Telum Atramenti
all fx&routing settings reset when saving a voice
Bug reports5 repliesLast on 2022‑08‑17, 01:28 AMby Tonyd
mod routings
Nelson Baboon
Feature requests1 replyLast on 2022‑08‑13, 08:57 AMby Kwerky
Important note about the new EssenceFM batch
Announcements0 repliesLast on 2022‑08‑12, 02:27 PMby KODAMO
Bug sur l’enveloppe PAN
Bug reports2 repliesLast on 2022‑08‑08, 11:35 AMby KODAMO
EFM great for insane sequencing
Nelson Baboon
Misc0 repliesLast on 2022‑08‑04, 05:51 AMby Nelson Baboon

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