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Stretching envelope times
Feature requests5 repliesLast on 2021‑12‑12, 10:09 PMby Leo
Kodamo Essence : First Impressions
Jazz Paladin
Misc2 repliesLast on 2021‑12‑11, 01:00 AMby Jazz Paladin
Black Friday Sale on Kodamo Website
Jazz Paladin
Misc13 repliesLast on 2021‑12‑08, 07:04 AMby rootnode
USB rendering
Jazz Paladin
Questions & tips3 repliesLast on 2021‑12‑05, 04:26 AMby Teomi
midiCC event smoothing, to de-click volume changes
Colin Muir Dorward
Feature requests4 repliesLast on 2021‑11‑30, 12:11 AMby Colin Muir Dorward
Layer Morphing
Questions & tips1 replyLast on 2021‑11‑29, 05:06 PMby KODAMO
MIDI problems
DJ Fresh
Questions & tips2 repliesLast on 2021‑11‑29, 12:11 AMby KODAMO
Carrying Case
Jazz Paladin
Feature requests2 repliesLast on 2021‑11‑24, 02:05 AMby Jazz Paladin
Drone music using kodamo?
Questions & tips3 repliesLast on 2021‑11‑22, 02:24 AMby hen
ISO (1) patch creation workflow & (2) ENVs as LFOs
Questions & tips3 repliesLast on 2021‑11‑19, 09:30 AMby KODAMO
maintain vontrol volume whilst assigning new voice
Colin Muir Dorward
Feature requests1 replyLast on 2021‑11‑19, 12:51 AMby KODAMO
Question Importing waveforms from .WAV files
Questions & tips1 replyLast on 2021‑11‑15, 03:20 PMby KODAMO
EssenceFM V5.2 Firmware discussion
Announcements25 repliesLast on 2021‑11‑10, 09:27 AMby Soarer
Perf-lvl tuning, and to make modmatrix speedier
Colin Muir Dorward
Feature requests2 repliesLast on 2021‑11‑09, 08:41 PMby KODAMO
Kodamo EFMii performance
Misc0 repliesLast on 2021‑11‑09, 04:48 AMby Kwerky
Midi CC for the Tempo
Feature requests1 replyLast on 2021‑11‑08, 07:43 PMby KODAMO
Saving patches and voices
DJ Fresh
Questions & tips1 replyLast on 2021‑11‑07, 07:07 PMby KODAMO
Small marketing suggestion...?
Misc4 repliesLast on 2021‑11‑06, 03:47 AMby Teomi
last state
Feature requests0 repliesLast on 2021‑11‑05, 08:28 PMby John
EFM freezes on startup
Bug reports3 repliesLast on 2021‑11‑05, 08:13 PMby soso
Add support for perf program change
Feature requests2 repliesLast on 2021‑11‑02, 07:56 AMby korhanerel
Send program change
Feature requests2 repliesLast on 2021‑11‑02, 07:54 AMby korhanerel
Using one normal and one MPE controller
Questions & tips0 repliesLast on 2021‑10‑27, 10:58 PMby korhanerel
MIDI automation
DJ Fresh
Questions & tips9 repliesLast on 2021‑10‑27, 06:10 PMby KODAMO
XY Pad & FX modulation
Feature requests0 repliesLast on 2021‑10‑26, 06:22 AMby DCAM

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