KODAMO : The Beginning

Kodamo is a company founded in 2019 by St├ęphane Damo, a French musician and engineer. Kodamo was created after the SynthFest event in 2019, where St├ęphane and his friend Masami showed the prototype of the EssenceFM, a powerful FM synthesizer developed secretly during several years. Due to the high interest shown by the people who tried it, Kodamo was created to start manufacturing synths.

First preorders were a huge success, no one could believe how the EssenceFM did 300 voices polyphony and made FM synthesis so easy!


Hard work & passion

Designing a synthesizer is an incredibly complex task that involves many different skills. At Kodamo we're doing electronic circuit design, component sourcing, software development, 2D/3D mechanical design, assembly and testing, sound design in collaboration with many people, and more. Every product requires several years of dedication, and seeing people enjoying the result is what is keeping us motivated. We're passionate about sound, we want to share this passion with you. Creating sounds from scratch is almost like magic.


As a small company

Creating innovative products is our domain. Our synthesizers are made by hand in small quantities. That allow us to make them exactly like we want without much business constraints, and get a bit crazy on some design choices to offer you musical instruments with a strong identity! Doing niche products is our job. As a human company we also listen to everyone, and can be reach out easily on social medias, by email or even in person if you travel to France or meet us at a synth event.


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If you encounter issues using the form above, you can write directly to conteact@kodamo.org