The EssenceFM is a powerful FM synthesizer combined with a modern and easy to use interface, offering studio-quality specs.
Creating FM sounds has never been so fun and easy!

EssenceFM demo tracks

  • Touch screen controlled: connect the operators together as you like, draw the envelopes and waveforms directly on screen
  • Use the pots to fine-tune parameters and control sounds in real-time
  • Enjoy the huge polyphony (300 voices) to create rich layered sounds or play way too many notes!
  • Enjoy the built-in effects processor, the multitimbrality and the 3328 internal sound slots to create whole tracks with the EssenceFM

EssenceFM front panel view
EssenceFM front panel view
EssenceFM front panel view
  • Eight balanced audio outputs and multiple MIDI inputs (DIN, USB & Ethernet) provide flexibility to your setup
  • Use the EssenceFM racked or laid on your desktop, tilted via the included support bars
  • We built it with quality in mind ! 24-bit DAC, fully isolated analog circuitry, steel and aluminium case, ALPS pots, Bourns rotary encoders, backlit mechanical switches...

The EssenceFM comes with 500 voices and 400 patch presets.
But we strongly encourage creating your owns!


Audio demos

Ambient pads 1
Ambient pads 2
Hard modulated bass loop
Brass section
Analog-style bass
Rock organ
Filter & resonance demo

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Powerful FM engine

The EssenceFM engine allows to create ridiculously powerful sounds made of more than 6 operators.
With 1800 oscillators and 4200 envelopes running at the same time, it's the most powerful FM synth ever made.

Integration example

EssenceFM front panel view


Design your own algorithms by creating links between operators. Screenshot of an algorithm made of different connected operators
Draw waveforms with the touch screen or import them from wave files.
The EssenceFM has 24 fully customizeable waveforms.
Screenshot of the waveform drawing interface
Make complex envelopes easily by moving the points and defining their attributes (sustain, loop start, loop end...) Screenshot of the graphical enveloppe for volume
Create layers and splits with advanced options like round robin and exclusion groups Screenshot of the patch page
Create rhythmic patterns and evolving sounds with the Voice Sequencer. Screenshot of the tuning page
Design exotic scales, early temperaments and microtunings. Screenshot of the tuning page
Use the modulation matrix to shape the sound in every possible way. Screenshot of the modulation matrix
Assign parts to different audio outputs and configure each effect DSP. Screenshot of the routing page