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Voice organization: delete unused voices

Colin Muir Dorward
Hi, it would be nice to have some more options to organize and tidy the vice list up.
One useful process would be to remove all unused voices within a given range.
So for eg you could specify a range (say from bank A, voice 34 to bank B, voice 67) and then EFM would search and clear all voices that do not appear in a patch within that range.
There are other useful things that could be done like shuffle all voices up after the space has been cleared, to remove pesky gaps in the list.
This would be really handy for when you import dozens of dx7 patches. You spend a while making nice patches from those imports, then want to trim the fat quickly.
Make sense?
Yes, we'll probably do a firmware to improve item management, including custom naming for categories and the ability to remove unused voices. Thank you for the idea!