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mod routings

Nelson Baboon
i think that it's likely that this has been requested before - and certainly portions of it, but what i'd really like is for the total mod matrix routings to be greatly expanded. you quickly run out if you like to take a single mod source, and route it to multiple destinations. 8 modulations is way, way too few. hah - maybe 40 or more. or allow you to just continue creating them until your hands fall off. i know that additional destinations have been requested. that is certainly a big one also. my first choice would be quartertones. Sometimes that really adds to a sound, but then i can't modulate it. edit - yeah - and also a way to trigger the random function via automation. it would be tricky - but if you could select the different categories also, and trigger the modulation, you could get some wild stuff going if this happened at different rates. (also, lol - the ability to trigger undo).
+1 for more mod mappings
maybe consider multiple mappings from one mod source too