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Looping Release stage ?DX10002020-07-02, 04:32 PMby DX100
Interested in the EssenceFMFotopaul12020-07-01, 04:30 PMby KODAMO
Operator as Mod-Source ?LFO12020-06-27, 04:39 PMby KODAMO
USB audioSJK8012020-06-27, 04:37 PMby KODAMO
hello + UInnoiz12020-06-26, 03:09 PMby Tax-5
DX7 (TX802) dumpsnnoiz52020-06-24, 09:21 AMby nnoiz
The first Voice Bank from memkastrup12020-06-24, 12:00 AMby KODAMO
LFO -> Filter Cutmkastrup22020-06-20, 11:50 PMby mkastrup
Solo operator functionDX10042020-06-19, 01:58 AMby DX100
mono uses more than one voiceDX10062020-06-16, 05:42 PMby DX100
Thanks for the new updates :)mkastrup22020-06-15, 09:33 AMby looneytoonz
LFO Ratio Modulationmkastrup02020-06-15, 01:18 AMby mkastrup
EG conversion tablemkastrup92020-06-15, 12:35 AMby mkastrup
Mute function in mod matrixDX10042020-06-14, 08:27 PMby KODAMO
Edit Waveforms using harmonics/partialsmkastrup22020-06-13, 10:33 PMby DX100
PATCH tuning missing?DX10002020-06-13, 05:38 PMby DX100
Microtuning/Scala support/.tunDX100102020-06-12, 03:04 PMby KODAMO
Multiple destinations in the Mod matrix.DX10022020-06-12, 02:12 PMby DX100
I say helloPatate le mage12020-06-09, 05:49 PMby KODAMO
DX7 import?DX10092020-06-09, 05:45 PMby KODAMO
operater group editDX10022020-06-07, 03:40 PMby DX100
EssenceFm as a sampler?DX10022020-06-06, 07:43 PMby KODAMO
Where can we find O.S 1.4?DX10012020-06-04, 05:11 PMby KODAMO
low output level?DX10042020-05-30, 11:22 PMby dadek
Inside EssenceFM pictures?DX10012020-05-29, 07:43 PMby KODAMO

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