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Microtuning/Scala support/.tunDX10052020-06-05, 05:53 AMby noyzelab
Where can we find O.S 1.4?DX10012020-06-04, 05:11 PMby KODAMO
EssenceFm as a sampler?DX10012020-06-02, 10:43 PMby looneytoonz
low output level?DX10042020-05-30, 11:22 PMby dadek
mono uses more than one voiceDX10022020-05-30, 09:02 AMby DX100
Inside EssenceFM pictures?DX10012020-05-29, 07:43 PMby KODAMO
Operator FeedbackDX10012020-05-29, 07:33 PMby KODAMO
Edit Waveforms using harmonics/partialsmkastrup12020-05-29, 07:24 PMby KODAMO
Patches not getting saved in PerformanceDX10022020-05-28, 04:46 PMby DX100
DX7 import?DX10072020-05-27, 05:37 PMby DX100
BPM sync delays+BPMsync envelope loopingDX10032020-05-27, 05:09 PMby DX100
Waveform Import formatmkastrup12020-05-26, 10:52 AMby KODAMO
USB Thingy and backupsmkastrup22020-05-26, 09:41 AMby mkastrup
Display contrastmkastrup62020-05-26, 09:18 AMby mkastrup
High pass filter at voice levelDX10022020-05-25, 06:03 PMby KODAMO
Usability Suggestsdadek12020-05-25, 12:54 PMby KODAMO
Panning per operatorDX10022020-05-25, 12:12 PMby DX100
Different envelope curves?DX10012020-05-24, 10:50 PMby KODAMO
Voice allocation in Patch layersDX10032020-05-24, 01:11 PMby KODAMO
wavetable synthesis!DX10022020-05-24, 11:09 AMby DX100
Selecting Envelope stagesDX10012020-05-24, 01:29 AMby KODAMO
Copy volume eg's to Pitch eg'sDX10012020-05-24, 01:25 AMby KODAMO
Hidden velocity modulation?DX10022020-05-22, 11:08 AMby DX100
menu divingDX10022020-05-22, 11:06 AMby DX100
Performances / voicesDX10032020-05-22, 02:20 AMby Synthplus81