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Instructions: How to Make New Waveforms

Making New WaveForms:
1. Record the tone at the lowest pitch, flat level envelope, full volume.
2. Open it in Audacity, and zoom in on one cycle.
3. Select one cycle near the zero crossings.
4. Use the Edit/FindZeroCrossings tool.
5. Copy, close the recording, Paste the single cycle.
6. File/Export Audio, WAV signed 16 Bit PCM.

7. Move the file to a Fat32 USB stick to the Kodamo.
8. Global/Storage/Load into a new Waveform slot.
9. Global/Waveforms/Edit/Maximize.
10. Save changes.
11. Test it out on an Operator, and look at the harmonics on a Spectrum Analyzer.
Colin Muir Dorward
Thanks for this hand-holding!