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Software Bug -Key Note Range Display

Hi Guys,
I noticed a bug in the software on the Patch Edit page, where it displays the note range of one of the layers.

Select C0 Concert Piano, then Edit.
It displays the Mid Range keys on the bottom in green.
Then select Low Range (it works properly)
Then select high Range (it works properly)
The select Mid Range again... it displays the wrong key note range...

Then select Low Range (it's OK)
Then select Mid Range again (it's OK now).

Going from high range to mid range, it displays the wrong note range.
I cannot reproduce your bug, what I see is that the key range display is simply scrolled differently depending on what you do (you notice it has scrolled by looking at the C4 indicator which will move accordingly). You can also scroll it manually with your fingers.

Sometimes it scrolls to different positions, but I haven't seen any wrong range. Am I missing something ?
Oh, I see. I missed the scrolling movement of the window. Sorry. I didn't know it did that.