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EssenceFM firmware V5.0 discussion

V5.0 is now available, with tons of improvements thanks to your suggestions --->
Do not hesitate to share your impressions here πŸ˜‰
OH BOYYYY! Just updated it! Everything of mine is getting updates recently! My line 6 helix did 2 weeks ago, then my tasty chips gr-1 granular synth did 2 days ago and then my hydrasynth did 2 days ago and now this kodama one :D Thank you!
Well done guys πŸ‘
Having that same LATCH feature available elsewhere would be awesome I think 😍. Put it in the touch piano section too by velocity. Having it available per voice and patch would be cool too so when editing we can use it as well instead of going to voice sequencer to latch it and backing out to edit and back to voice sequencer to unlatch it etc.. etc..
Ohh no I just realized the start up screen changed too. I enjoyed the other one better lol...

Also pitch bend range, portspd and pan used to auto save where you had them and stay there on start up each time but now it's starting up with pitch bend on 48
Failed Muso
Awesome work, Stephane! Great to see so many of our suggestions incorporated here πŸ™‚πŸ‘πŸ§‘
thank you very much guys for all the hard work! outstanding support!!
now it's starting up with pitch bend on 48

Yes because in MPE mode it made more sense to have it to 48 by default.
If you're using a normal keyboard, in Global > MIDI select Omni for the Global Channel (instead of MPE), then the pitch bend will be set to 2 semitones by default
Ok thank you, that worked :)
Ok another thing regarding latch feature. Possible we could make it the other latch version or make it have 2 different versions of latch?

For instance when you use this latch anything that you play on top will keep stacking and stacking and stacking. Maybe the other option where say you hit a chord or note and it sustains and then when you hit another chord or note it changes to that and sustains without stacking on top of each other.

I know it's only there so we can latch something while editing the sequencer, but work flow I think would be better with the other latch version because sometimes we wanna hear the edited changes and timbres we did in real time with different chords and notes but having to uncheck and play, recheck and play is tiresome.
I suggest you press Panic to reset the latch, it's very useful for that (and also for sound design in general, to cut note releases and reverb tails).
Latch may be improved as you suggest in a future version, currently it just simulates a sustain pedal
"I suggest you press Panic to reset the latch"

This is true πŸ™‚ forgot I could do that however I was also looking at the other latch option as a musical / writing feature as well. For instance you could use it while recording or videoing or writing etc.. all in real time instead of having to hit panic each time to cut things off to change chords and notes.

Sorry not really trying to nit-pick, just ideas coming to my head while I'm messing with it lol πŸ˜€ Thanks for everything you've already done!
This is very well appreciated! And the USB mouse also works with a wireless mouse and USB dongle. Very cool!!

Any idea when you will be able to implement keeping the CC window is Perf mode open?
Great update. Thank you for all the hard work Kodamo team. πŸ§‘πŸ€ŸπŸ‘
Thanks for the hard work!
thanks very much for this update.

i have a lock-up issue with in patch mode i would be interested to see if anyone can replicate?

enter patch mode, select any patch, press edit, select patch in the tab [this should already be selected], press the tuning button, when the list of tunings appear scroll down a few times, & then up all the way to the top [scale overide], mine then locks up completely requiring a power down to restart. sometimes it will also playout a **very loud** tone, while its locked up !
I get the lockup as well.
Fixed. If you use that feature I suggest you update your EFM again. Usually small bugs wait for the next release but we fix any lock-ups immediately. Thank you for reporting! πŸ‘
Yes tuning table lock up fixed here now.
On another topic.
I still don't get true Mono mode, I thought that had been fixed?
Voices still carry on which is not good especially with low frequencies overlapping.
ESFM is the only synth I've ever used that behaves in mono mode like this!
Which on one hand this is cool as I do like the sound of this very much in some situations but I think we need the usual mono mode behaviour, an option to have both would be good?
You should be able to get true mono by assigning an Exclusion Group to the layer you want, then checking "hard cut on exclusion"
Brilliant Β±!!+

tunings not locking up now but noticed you can't add to a pack of tunings and load at once, small point but thought I'd mention it.
Great update, thanks Kodamo πŸ‘
This has fixed an issue I had with connecting my Torso T-1 sequencer via USB which meant that I couldn’t use it. Now it works fine. I do however sometimes get stuck notes when playing with the Keystep via MIDI in, on top of the T-1.
I have had an issue with not being able to go back via the tabs. Nothing happened when pressing the tabs so I had to press Perform to go back.
After a restart tabs worked again.
Had a freeze too while adjusting some settings in the long delay in Perform mode (sequencer running).
We found what may cause the stuck note issue when you're using both devices at the same time, don't worry you won't have to wait much before it gets fixed.
I'm so glad to hear that πŸ˜€ I really want to use both together like this onward, so great.
Thought it might be complex or not possible to fix it. Thanks.
Master tune does not seem to work now?
Are you testing your tunings in "Advanced Mode" ? In that mode Master Tune is ignored since each note has a set frequency in Hz. That could be changed however, to add more flexibility
oh ok, yes we really need master-tuning in advanced mode...we can't have simple mode having more tuning features πŸ˜‰

Just found another big bug, all the loaded .scl tunings are forgotten on power down, which makes the 'add to tuning pack bug' even more important now as we're going to have to load all the tuning files back in at a time.😒
This is not a bug, you need to Save imported elements to make them permanent (they have an asterisk next to their name).

About the 'add to tuning pack bug', can you elaborate ? I thought you were looking for a feature to allow adding elements to an existing pack.
EDIT: Couldn't find a way to delete my post so just editing it with this.... "Never mind, I need to learn to read the manual more often before commenting haha. User error on my end."
Effects are only saved in Patches and Performances. Not in Voices, so that's probably what you experienced here.
On the Voice List, the Effects button is here just for listening purposes (like the Portamento setting, Pan, Mono...)

If you like a Voice with a specific effect setting when you're in voice mode, you can press "Create Patch From". That will create a new patch, with this voice as a layer, and copy the effect settings into it.

You can also do it the other way in Patch mode : create a new patch, assign an empty voice to it and edit the voice from there. So you're ready to add effects, layers and more.

EDIT: Couldn't find a way to delete my post so just editing it with this.... "Never mind, I need to learn to read the manual more often before commenting haha. User error on my end."

No worries ! I leave my reply here for other people in case πŸ˜‰
Thank you lol πŸ˜€
oh save tunings, yes, I KEEP forgetting essence works like this, thanks for the help.