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To update the firmware on your EssenceFM, download the latest version below and copy the file at the root of a USB drive.
Plug it into your EssenceFM, go to the Global mode, then in the System section press the "Update" button and follow the instructions.


Download v4.1


  • New effects: shimmer, long tap delay, mono mix
  • New graphical interface:

    The firmware update will show you the new theme. If you don't like it go into Global > Display > Appearance and re-select your previous theme. You might also re-select your background pattern and color settings.
  • Packed import/export system: multiple elements can be saved in a single file and imported into another EssenceFM while keeping the relations between elements (voices in patch layers, waveforms used by voices etc.)
  • Advanced sound randomization: choose to separately randomize frequencies, filter, volume envelopes, pitch envelopes, volumes and algorithm
  • Save As: keep the Save button pressed for 1 second to open the Save As dialog. A short press does a regular save like before
  • Filter Dry/Wet parameter was added to the modulation destinations
  • Multiple Recall was implemented, it works like Multiple Save to quickly find which elements you edited and recall them
  • Pressing the Perf/Patch/Voice buttons while you're on a sub-page brings you to the main page

Bug fixes

  • No more stuck notes using MIDI-RTP on Apple computers
  • "Solo" button in patch editor didn't work properly with more than 6 layers
  • When using a MIDI-USB controller plugged into the front USB port, events from the Voice Sequencer could very rarely miss their note off
  • Performance parts could be muted by pressing simultaneously Perf and Global buttons.
  • Some radio buttons didn't worked properly in firmware versions 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3
  • "Bank Change" enable/disable on Performance Parts wasn't handled correctly
  • Using the "Random Sound" feature cleared the modulation matrix without refreshing its display (now it doesn't clear the mod matrix anymore).
  • Receiving MIDI commands that modify the current Performance settings (Volume, Pan etc.) while saving could make the EssenceFM think the Performance is corrupted.

Download v3.1
  • Advanced microtunings: choose arbitrary frequencies for each 128 notes
  • Lossless audio rendering to USB drive (.wav, 16 or 24 bit)
  • MIDI clock (BPM) as a modulation matrix source
  • More FM parameters are updated in real-time as you edit the sounds
  • Envelopes loops can now be set be after the sustain point
  • Inc/Dec buttons allow to move the cursor in the naming page, they also work for navigating into the Voice Sequencer events
  • Default behavior for the expression pedal can now be disabled (controls volume)
  • Fix: expression pedal MIDI filter wasn't working
  • Fix: in some rare cases, booting with a MIDI-USB device plugged in the front USB port could mix up the outputs assignations
  • Fix: freeze when touching the screen during boot, and on some algorithm configurations

Download v2
  • Scala file support
  • Fix default voices using free waveform slots instead of waveform #0 (Sine) - If you changed those sounds or fixed them by yourself, it won't do anything.
  • DX7 32-voice and 1-voice sysex dump support via USB
  • 'Turn off' screen after a delay now works as expected and also shuts down the key backlight
  • Better detection of USB drives and USB-MIDI controllers
  • Real time envelope update when editing
  • In the modulation matrix, max ratio is now 400% (instead of 200%)
  • Global > MIDI: MIDI file player
  • LFO is now syncable to MIDI clock
  • Envelope loops can loop forever if you omit the sustain point
  • Global > Audio: Option to disable waveform interpolation
  • Larger range for pitch envelopes (8 octaves)
  • Algorithm navigation with the main wheel
  • See/edit all part volumes and pans on a single screen by pressing Performance two times
  • Fixed a bug where the sustain point was ignored in combination with mod. matrix changing the envelope speed
  • Globlal > Display : Angle compensation feature (contrast) for people having the EssenceFM lower than their eyesight.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could happen when removing/editing modulation matrix entries
  • Fixed a bug where performance effects could end up overwriting patch effects
  • New background patterns and color themes
  • Better support for exotic Wave files for import
  • Mute/Solo buttons for operators and patch layers
  • More digital gain available to boost output volume
  • Switching between Global and other modes now remembers the current page you were in
  • Many, many small ergonomics improvements