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New EssenceFM - several 'crashes'

Nelson Baboon
Again - the disclaimer is that I've only had one evening with it. I was having so much fun that I was just experimenting within voice mode along with another newer synth that contrasts spectacularly with it (loving the combination with the motas-6 monophonic analog. Gnarly thing with fantastic modulations, etc)...

in any case several times I experienced a growing distortion culminating in no sound - was generally from one operator output at a time (forgive me if I don't have all of the lingo down solid at this point. this is the first fm synth that I've ever bonded with, and this on the first night!).....I couldn't figure out why it was happening and what to look out for. I thought maybe it was one thing that was warned about in the manual (leaving the output envelope on so the sound just continues, for instance. But that shouldn't do this - one may WANT to drone a sound). I'm guessing that there was some kind of internal feedback loop, but I couldn't find it. The algorithm certainly changed (love that random function with the undo/redo) between instances of this.

Does one get an email if there is a response to your post? I didn't see any option in the user settings......(I guess I'll find out, so I suppose that it is a request if not implemented)

Any hints as to what to look for would be appreciated.
Did you try to press Panic to stop the sound ?

Did you have something in the modulation matrix ? I think some combinations may create weird things, especially when forcing an envelope point Y position to some value if it becomes the last point after using the Random feature.

If you manage to recreate the problem I'd like to have as much info as possible to check what happens exactly.

For the forum, there is no email alert available currently we may work on that soon!
Nelson Baboon
all i've used thus far as a source in the mod matrix has been velocity....i'm not sure if this only happened with envelope points. If this happens again tonight or over the weekend, i'll look at that.
It looks (? - my initial impressions are certainly to be questioned) that when randomize is used, it wipes out the mod matrix? or did I imagine that.
Yes it removes any entry from the mod matrix. That's the normal behavior (the previous matrix woudn't make sense for a totally new random sound). I noticed the list display isn't refreshed after that, it still shows the previous lines while it shoudn't. It's a small display glitch that will be fixed soon.
I've found that if the decay envelope doesn't end on zero you get a sustained drone sound. You might check all of your level envelopes just in case you missed one.
Yes this is normal. In the EssenceFM all the oscillators are "free running" instead of being enabled/disabled depening on note on/off events. We did that to add flexibility, it's often useful for modulators to keep doing things (eg. envelope loops) while the carriers are releasing, or to create drones. This is what it's used for in this video: then the "drone" volume can be controlled by changing the part volume directly on the EssenceFM.

If you left an envelope open by mistake I suggest you press Panic to get rid of the annoying sustained sound, before finding what causes it.