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Importing DX7 sounds

The EssenceFM supports single and multiple (32) voice dumps from the Yamaha DX7. For example any of the sounds here are compatible:

To import them, put the .syx files on a USB drive and go to the Global > Storage page.
  • For a single voice dump (163-Byte file), you want to select Voice > Single
  • For a multiple voice dump, you want to select Voice > Bank and choose the bank your want to import the voices in. The 32 voices will be imported into free slots of the bank you selected. If your bank has less than 32 free slots, some voices won't be imported. A slot is considered used when its name isn't "-" or when it's in unsaved state (asterisk * mark)

Keep in mind this DX7 import feature is just a tool to help you recreating your sounds quicker on the EssenceFM, it's far from a good import due to major sound engine differences. Imported sounds have the algorithm, frequencies and volumes accurately imported. Envelopes, LFO, feedback and key scalings often need rework.

Remark: for single voice dumps, it's also possible to send them directly via SysEx to the EssenceFM when you're into the Voice you want to overwrite.