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The EssenceFM is an innovative and powerful FM synthesizer, making FM more accessible than ever.

Pre-orders are limited in quantity due to production capabilities, it allows you to get it at a lower price and ensures you have an EssenceFM from the first production batch. These "First Edition" units also show a special message on screen during startup.

Estimated availability: February 2020 for first units

Conditions: Payment on order, refund possible if product not ready 5 months after order

Schedule for the upcoming months:
December 2019User manual released, preorders started, additional software testing
January 2020Finishing sound design, PCB production
February 2020Sheet metal & front panel production. First units assembled & shipped
March 2020 - May 2020More units shipped, some for retailers and demo purposes

About the two first pictures: They are from the prototype, not the final product. At this time, the final designs are being manufactured. The front panel will look like this :

Main Features

  • 300 voice polyphony (6-op FM synthesis), up to 128 of them can be split/layered per patch
  • Free algorithm design by drag&drop
  • 24 realtime-interpolated waveforms, imported from wave files or drawn via the touchscreen
  • 128 steps voice sequencer
  • 8 modulation matrix slots per voice (138 sources, 228 destinations)
  • Microtuning support
  • 8 balanced audio outputs
  • 3 seconds boot time, 2ms latency
  • Undo/Redo and Copy/Paste physical buttons for fast and convenient editing
  • Two integrated high quality effects DSP
  • Internal memory can store more than 3000 voices/patches
  • Multiple MIDI connectivity: DIN, RTP (Ethernet), USB device, USB host
Please check the main EssenceFM page for sound demos and more detailed information.

You can also look at the user manual to get an in-depth understanding of its features.

Package Contents

  • EssenceFM synthesizer
  • Printed user manual
  • Mounting brackets
  • Universal (100-240V) AC adapter with IEC EU plug
If you need a different plug instead of the EU-type (UK, US, AU...) please send us an email telling your choice after your order. We however can't guarantee the availability.


The EssenceFM is sold with an included 2-years manufacturer warranty, allowing two workshop returns in case of a defective product.
Please refer to the user manual for the warranty conditions.

Safety Standards

This product is designed to comply with most countries safety standards. See Safety Certification Standards page.