MASK1 current version : 3.4

To check which firmware is already installed on your MASK1, power it on while pressing the last two black keys. Current version will be displayed on screen. Press Param >> to acknowledge.



05 Mar 2024

  • 512 different masks available instead of 256. Masks ranging from 256 to 512 are very unique and pulse-like, offering more sonic possibilities.
  • Editing both oscillators at the same time is now possible. Press both buttons simultaneously. The first button pressed sets which value is used as reference for editing, exactly like how the multi-envelope editing already works (eg. if masks are respectively 15 and 60 for Osc1 and Osc2, press Osc1 first to start from 15 when turning the knob, or Osc2 to start from 60).
  • Added a second 12dB filter on each voice. You will find its parameters under the name EXTRA in the filter section. When EXTRA = 12DB, the second filter is disabled. When set to 24DB, it is combined with the first filter to form a very characterful 24dB filter. The following modes (LP1-7, HP1-7) sets the second filter to fixed frequencies and modes independent from the first filter. This is to allow some sound shaping (eg. lowering highs when the main filter is used in high pass mode).
  • Added keyboard tracking parameter for the noise sample-and-hold generator.
  • Keep the VOICE button pressed and press OCTAVE+/- to change the voice used by parts 2-4 (before this update, this was only possible using program changes). Release the VOICE button to return to part 1. Voices for all parts are kept into memory.
  • New LOOP parameter for each oscillator. It makes the mask's delta envelopes loop indefinitely. Possible values are OFF (disabled), ON (mask is resetted to its initial value when delta envelope reaches its end - like a sawtooth LFO), BIDI (mask sweeps back and forth - like a triangle LFO)
  • LFO buttons light up to show LFO activity (can be disabled in GLOBAL if you do not like that)
  • Navigate faster in the voice list by keeping VOICE pressed while you scroll (+10/-10 increments)
  • LFO now fades in more progressively, in a more musical way as you increase the delay (DLAY) parameter
  • 600 user memory slots instead of 400
  • Cutoff reacts faster when quickly turning the knob
  • Fixed CC 25, 26, 27 and 28 (envelope levels) not received over their full range through MIDI. Filter envelope is a special case where zero corresponds to CC value 64. This is to allow access to negative values.
  • Fixed MIDI clock not received through USB
  • Some presets have their default LFO modulation lowered
  • New MIDI CCs were added to allow for external control of these new parameters, check the updated user manual



See below for installation instructions


11 Jul 2023

  • Fixed ignored notes received through MIDI when disabling Local Keyboard


20 May 2023

  • Total polyphony is up to 12 voices instead of 10
  • Improved oscillator quality
  • Numeric display for the volume level
  • Improved factory voice presets


07 Apr 2023
  • Improved factory voice presets
  • Fixed freezes happening with the arpeggiator
  • Improved arpeggiator behavior with sustain pedal and live editing

How to update (PC)


Extract the ZIP file on your computer and follow the instructions in the PDF.

How to update (Mac)


Ensure you're using Chrome or Firefox. Install Java Runtime Environment if you do not already have it on your system.


Download the STM32CubeProgrammer utility, extract the ZIP file and install the software


Power on your MASK1 and connect it to your computer using a USB cable


then wait until this indicator turns green :


Launch STM32CubeProgrammer


On the right side, select USB* for Port then press Connect


On the very left side, press the second icon. Press Browse to select the firmware file (.bin) you downloaded.
Ensure the same boxes are checked as on the picture, then press Start Programming


After a few seconds, a popup shows that the connection was lost. This is normal. You can now disconnect the USB cable and close the program. Your MASK1 is ready to use.

If this procedure did not work and the MASK1 is stuck with a black screen, disconnect and reconnect its power supply, refresh this page and try again.
Never disconnect the power or USB cable during an update.