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Essence FM Noise Issue


I recently received this device and so far I love it. I think I am experiencing the noise issue mentioned on a YouTube review. It seems to have a relation with the power supply, screen brightness and the EFM proximity to other gear. I my case when it was racked up close to another synth. Said synths channel on the mixer started generation this humming noise. If you wiggle the power connector on the EFM a little it cuts out a bit. If you adjust the screen brightness if seems to get worst with lower settings. Turn off the EFM noise goes away. This seems to be an issue with shielding/grounding of the EFM but I am not an electronics engineer. Maybe something needs to be addressed somewhere with the power and screen. I manage to address separating each synth via one rack space and carefully adjusting the EFM high is relation to the blank rack space.
Jazz Paladin
I had the same issue, but it was eliminated by adjusting the keyboard sensitivity curve, particularly the offset. I found if the curve was lowered too much , it lowered the produced sound of the synth to such a low level as to put it closer to the noise floor and sound of electronics. Raising this offset made the signal to noise ration much better, so that the noises you described are inaudible when put in the proper context of having the synth play back a sound
This should not be noticeable in normal use, only if you put the volume to like 2% and add a lot of gain with your mixer/sound card.
Try increasing the Digital Gain setting (in Global > Audio) to improve the signal to noise ratio, turn the physical volume knob up (if you're using output #1) andcheck that the part volumes are set high enough.
Ensure you're using TRS cables and balanced signal for the whole audio chain.
Any unbalanced cable/gear can cause noise issues that couple with earth/ground and are difficult to diagnose
Volume was at maximum on the EFM and mixer gain was at unity. I am using a 8 channel TS snake so will update this later. As it stands now the issue is resolved and thanks for the suggestions.
How are you controlling the EMF? MIDI via USB or DIN?

When I use Linnstrument connected to USB host connector (front panel) with regular USB cable, it hums and hum responds to amount of active lights on Linnstrument. I have to use USB cable with ferrite cores (two barrels on the cable near each end) that eliminate the hum/noise. Quite often the USB connection is prone to humming due to poor grounding on different ends.
I am connected via DIN. I was going to try USB but didn't get around to it yet.