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Envelope time multiplier

Colin Muir Dorward
The longest total envelope duration time seems to be 145.3 seconds.
That's pretty long, but a multiplier to extend this range would be amazing for epic, slowly changing tones!
Also it would let you preview/edit it over a shorter duration, so you don't have to wait ten minutes to hear how your sound ends.
I think you can increase this duration by using the modulation matrix. Take a random source, set Ratio=0 and use Offset to set the envelope duration to some value.
I haven't tried it though, let me know if that works!
Colin Muir Dorward
I set this up like you suggested, using offset of 1 (at offset of zero we get no sound).
I put my timer on and hit a note... 17mins has passed and it's not at the second break-point yet :)

Nice one, thanks for thinking through this!

I'll try to set something interesting up and see if I can record one full-length note. I'm guessing it will be about an hour long...? We shall see.
Colin Muir Dorward
Would it be cool to add a single modulation destination for all envelope times? That would include pitch and filter envelopes.
Or how about one destination for even operators (amp & pitch), and another destination for odd operator (amp & pitch) + the filter.