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Important note about the new EssenceFM batch

Hi everyone,
Due to the chip shortage, new EssenceFM units that will be available in a few weeks won't have the ethernet port. That's really unfortunate as we tried as much as possible to keep it, but that would delay units by more than 1 year which is terrible for you and us!
The ethernet port, for MIDI-RTP, is very rarely used so it shouldn't be a big deal for most users. However, if you wanted to get it specifically for that feature, be aware of that before purchasing. We'll update the product page to reflect these changes.
Hi - I just got my EssenceFM from Juno, and noticed the missing Ethernet (had not been aware of this situation prior) - is there any possibility of retrofitting these units in the future? It’s not an essential feature for me, but might be nice to have down the road if that’s a possibility. Looking forward to incorporating the EssenceFM into my studio! Cheers from Canada.
I'm sorry you discovered this after purchasing.
It may be possible but requires disassembling the unit, changing the processing board for a more expensive one and adding a cable. It is not very realistic.
Because this is a such rarely used feature, we prefered to omit it instead of increasing price and delays.
Colin Muir Dorward
I completely forgot mine even had an ethernet jack, and TBH not even sure what it would be used for.
Just my 2c, in case anyone wants a second opinion on how much it might matter if they are missing it.
Same here! I've certainly never missed it and am very happy without it.
Thanks for taking the time to reply, makes sense that it’s impractical to retrofit if it requires a mainboard swap. Really enjoying the synth thus far, very intuitive to navigate, manual is well laid out, has been an excellent experience. 👍