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MIDI CC 120 (All sounds off) broken

According to the MIDI standard, the continuous controller (CC) number 123 (0x7B) should turn "All Notes Off", keeping delays and releases audible, while number 120 (0x78) should turn "All Sounds Off", just like the Panic button.
In the current firmware, however, CC 120 does the same as CC 123. I think this should be changed, such that CC 120 does whatever the Panic button does.

It's not really possible to cut the effects (delays, reverb tails) using All Sound Off CC because effects are global, while CC are per-channel. Doing that would be weird (All Sound Off on some channel would cut reverb/delay for all channels using the same effects)

Currently, All Notes Off simply releases all notes, while All Sounds Off forces the notes to cut (setting their volume to zero).