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Tuning Tool for external Hardware

I know...
what much can you ask for, right?

So, turns out it would be super-handy if the EFM would give out the Tuning Scales to a chained hardware synth.
To clarify:
I run a keyboard into my EFM, which is linked to a Matrixbrute. EFM beautifully runs my custom scales, but for the Arturia I'd need a Scale Translator. WOULD BE so helpful if EFM's even would give out the scales I'm running.

Overkill or heaven?
It's very hard to ensure this works well with all synths. Some will only take pitch bend to fake custom tunings, which allows only a single note per channel. Others may understand the MIDI Tuning Standard...
How does that currently works for the Matrixbrute ? Does it have its own system for custom scales ?
Got that point.