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Can't midiCC fine frequency if multiplier is zero

Colin Muir Dorward
If I set an op to have zero frequency, say for use as a wave-shaper, then I can manually twiddle the fine frequency value and hear the sound change, as expected. If I set up a midiCC to do this same operation, there is no effect.
This is the normal behavior, the Fine destination in the mod matrix applies a small multiplier to the value, so if it's zero then it doesn't change.
It can be confusing due to the naming. The mod matrix handles things totally differently from the manual parameters.
Colin Muir Dorward
Thanks for the explanation. It is a little confusing that the modulations would handle parameters differently than the manual controls.
Perhaps in that case it would be nice to have a frequency-offset modulation destination?
If you try the wave shaper scenario, you might see what I mean about wanting to modulate the carrier (wave shaper) frequency away from zero and back again.
Or maybe this is too idiosyncratic of a request to occupy one's time!