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MIDI problems

DJ Fresh

I’m sure this is not a problem with the essence fm itself but I hope you can help

I’m getting very regular issues with notes freezing. While I’m playing the synth a note will freeze and stay playing underneath new notes and sometimes all new notes will not sound for some time

It’s making it really hard to work with the self because it’s happening all the time

I’m using Ableton 11

Admittedly the problem may not be anything to do with essence fm, note events could be coming from somewhere else as I have other outboard usb/midi gear.

But it happens when nothing else is playing
Do you know where it is likely signals that cause this could be coming from?
probably a midi loop. (are you sending clock signal to the EFM ?)
How is the EssenceFM connected to your other gear ?
Do stuck notes still happens when you're using the EssenceFM on Voice mode on an empty slot ? (to check with the simplest sound possible)

Look at the Voice Allocation Monitor in Global > Audio, you'll see each key press (green dots) and the triggered voices (white squares). If some green dots are stuck that means the EssenceFM hasn't received the required note off events for each note on.