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USB rendering

Jazz Paladin
Is there any easy way to sync all the multitrack renderings that are done for a song? Since you have to manually press the record button and whatever is the source of the original midi file, I would imagine it could be tricky getting things aligned again if you can’t render all tracks simultaneously?
There is currently no way to sync the usb audio renderings. It's not easy to think about a feature that could help, since it has to accomodate many ways of using it (MIDI file playback, manual playing...) but we'll take any suggestions.

Currently I would simply sync the tracks by ear in an audio editor. For sample-perfect accuracy (which is often not needed!) I would put a note at the beginning of each track so you can then use it to overlap all tracks perfectly
Jazz Paladin
Thanks for taking the time to read this.

I would imagine keeping the process internal would be easier than syncing to a different source. As long as it even one option to keep things in sync, it would be better than none.

If it is playing back a midi file via usb stick, that would probably be easy since it could always capture each track from 0:00 . Otherwise, my personal dream would be a midi recorder built in to Essence some day to accomplish the same thing, but I could imagine that would be more of an undertaking. Or even temporarily hold midi notes captured from a multitrack midi source into ram until each output can be processed independently…
Since USB multitrack audio render is out of scope of the EFM (and quite honestly almost all synths out there) there are 2 options:

1) Make effective use of the multi outs and the multitimbrality features of the EFM so you can potentially record up to 8 mono outputs at once.
2) record track by track.

Either way, you will have to create an audio "slate" like Kodamo suggested. I usually add a 4 beat pulse type sound (like a metronome) so it's easy to sync up later on. If you zoom in enough syncing is super easy and even if you have lots of tracks, it doesn't take more than a couple of minutes to get all of it synced up.