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Carrying Case

Jazz Paladin
So I finally ordered my Essence MKII and am planning on making it the mainstay of my portable music rig. Do you think it may be possible to make a case designed to store the Essence at some stage?
Something like that ? =>
A few other 3U rack cases are available from different manufacturers.
Jazz Paladin
I was thinking something a bit more discrete, those gator style cases make it blatantly obvious it contains rack gear for would-be thieves.

I was thinking a nice , hard shell, padded and contoured case similar to what my saxophone case looks like . Or like a modern soft digital piano/keyboard case

The other reason I think a hard rack case like the one you linked to is problematic is due to the fact you would need to unscrew and take out the Essence each time, since the cables connect to the top of the unit rather than the back . It wouldn’t be as much ease of access from the rear of the case opening because of this.