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Case for transport


Someone have idea for transporting the EssenceFM in secure?
I suggest you look at standard rack cases for transport like this:

It doesn't need to be very deep, but at least 3U tall. EssenceFM form factor is close to the Roland V-SynthXT.

If it's only for transport and not for stage use, anything could work but some foam or soft material around it is recommended to dampen vibrations.
As an industrial designer myself -
I'd rather go for an custom styrofoam box by to purchase directly @Kodamo made out of PE or PET... one, like JBL packs it's 'Flip 5' (very reliable and "cheap*")
@Kodamo: A box which fits the new, AND the old hardware (EFM) would be awesome. Also, if the box may act as an additional stand: No need to put it out again, if wanted...

PS.: if you need the vision and my help, I'd be there for you ;)
If you like help, I'd be there for you ;)

*as it depends on the production volume... but I think loudly - what would a EFM-user be happy to pay for it? I'd say 49€ max selling point would be sort of fine...
maybe there's a way...
This is a cool idea. We'd greatly appreciate your help.
Not sure about production costs, especially for low quantity orders, if there is molds involved it's usually quite expensive. We're open to any ideas though.
I've recently been using EVA semi-hard cases and I'm quite happy with them (magma, analog cases). There are lots of options on ebay for these for various electronics and it might be possible to get something that is relatively inexpensive. The best combination would be an eva case and a decksaver. Maybe partnering would be an option here?

As far as cases and travel go, the desktop stand is probably the real limiting factor in terms of volume and case sizing. It would be interesting if these could snap on with some kind of rotate to click sort of mechanism. Lots of options, of course and folding legs or a 3d printed flattening stand could work too. I definitely like the angled ergonomics and would want to keep that.