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Drone music using kodamo?

Hello Kodamo team,

I have been looking for sometimes to buy a FM synthesis hardware, i was pretty close to buy the Digitone until i saw the Kodamo.
I work mainly with sound art and drone music using mainly sine waves and long sustained sounds.

after watching a lot of videos on youtube about kodamo, i don't seem to find anything that interest me with what i'm looking for due to the type of music that i'm intersted in

do you guys might consider doing a video similar to this one ?

as you can see in the video, the person take his time and create an amazing track with only 8 voices

so i also wonder if it's achievable to reach this type of music such as warm sound with same character

would be happy to hear back from since i am pretty interested in your synth
Colin Muir Dorward
I see you're asking the Kodamo team, but at least one user here will tell you yes :)
Most of the Digitone features are also built in the EssenceFM (and more), so it's perfectly possible to create tracks like this one. What may differ a lot is presets, depending on your style you may want to create your own sounds right from the beginning.
We'll take your suggestions into account for the next demo 😉
Oh that's great! i am well connected in the music experimental scene in Berlin so a lot of artist around me are always discussing new hardware and stuff, mainly drone music/ experimental
so we will all be happy to see a demo in the near future creating stuff like this
thank you for the reply!
looking forward