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Using one normal and one MPE controller

Hi there,

I've just realized something pretty amazing, at least for me. I have been playing the EFM with a Launchpad Pro MK3, which works quite nicely. I have a very complicated Performance that consists of Patches that assign one sound per pad (all on Midi Ch. 1) on the Launchpad and almost all those sounds have aftertouch (poly) assigned to one or more parameters. I have been meaning to try this new thing for a while, but I was on tour and didn't get to do it until tonight... so... tonight I connected a Sensel Morph to EFM's USB Host port and enhanced the performance I've been using by adding patches starting on MIDI Ch. 2...and voila... I now have one "normal" synth (with more or less 64 different sounds) as well as an MPE synth that can also play many sounds distributed over the range of the Morph. I've assigned different sounds to notes on the Patch I'm configuring for the Morph and I have a very comprehensive setup that I can play very physically.

This is of course thanks to EFM's multitimbrality and extensive polyphony count. Pretty awesome. Turns the EssentialFM into a very capable instrument for my needs. I play experimental electronic music, both improvised and composed. I can imagine this method being used for more tonal music, too. Assigning chords, pads, drum sounds to certain keys, while playing other sounds with MPE.