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EFM freezes on startup

Hi, I have an EssenceFM that I've bought second hand. It was actually working fine. All of a sudden when I boot the machine it freezes sometimes completely and no button will operate. It's stuck on the start up screen. I am running the latest OS (v5.2b). Now it's working again but should I be worried?

Did you do something special when it froze ? If that never happens during normal use it's probably not something to worry about.
However if it happens again it would be helpful to understand why - is it connected to other gear ? Is MIDI data being sent to the EssenceFM during startup ? Is a USB device plugged in ?
It still happens but sometimes not.

I didn't do anything special, I just reboot it when it happens. Normally I'm using it with the Sensel Morph and Octatrack but it still happens even though there is nothing plugged it.
Just wanted to write that this problem has been fixed by KODAMO. Thanks again!