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Small marketing suggestion...?

How are things going in Toulouse today?

Deux petites suggestion pour vous, ici-bas:

Aside from the remarkable feature-set offered by the Essencefm and, by all accounts, its great sound and solid build-quality, there are two important aspects which I think Kodamo should consider promoting more prominently.

First, the company's responsiveness to customer requests/suggestions is exceptional. Kodamo, by way of its replies in this forum for example, clearly shows that it's committed to truly listening to its customers. Numerous, thoughtful replies from the company can be found throughout the forum. In addition, the number of substantive updates since EFM's quite-recent release have been nothing short of spectacular.

Second, I was really surprised to find, buried at the bottom of Kodamo's "our company" page, a list of notable individuals that have contributed in some way to the development of this product - one of whom, for example, being Aphex Twin.

With regards to the first, I really think Kodamo should consider doing more in its marketing approach to highlight this key attribute. We know how well regarded similarly-responsive companies are (e.g. Novation) and how others are often held in contempt (Pioneer) for their lack of support. I might suggest having a graph or tracker, or something similar on your landing page somewhere showing # requests, # of Kodamo replies, and # of suggestions fully/partly implemented. Maybe you can't keep up the pace like this forever (you're humans, after all, right??), but for the time being, and to reflect how you've demonstrated this amazing commitment over the past months, you really should showcase this.

With respect to the second, no idea what your agreement, if there was one, with people like Aphex Twin was, but that really seems like a factor you could leverage a lot more than just a small, simple reference at the bottom of a sub-page. That seems like a rather big deal, no? I mean, if AFX suggested I try this vs that, whether for synths or socks... I'd probably tell a few friends - haha.

I'm wishing you guys a ton of success and congratulate you on bringing to market something really exciting and innovative. How long have we all been waiting for an approachable and inviting hardware FM synth?! Too long, man, too long. So thanks very much for that!

Cheers from Vancouver!
Thank you for your kind message and suggestions.
Showing some stats is a great idea, we'll probably redo the whole website at some point so we'll take that in account.
About Aphex Twin, something big is coming but as usual there is quite a lot of mystery around his projects and when they are released šŸ™‚

About the marketing, it will be improved. We're quite confident that the EssenceFM can do much more than what is shown on videos. For now it wasn't a big deal since as a small manufacturer the limiting factor is our production capacity, but as we move to the new factory things will change!

Cheers from France!
Iā€™m very curious now! The mentioning of Aphex Twin on the website was a considerable factor for my backing of the project (purchase).
Colin Muir Dorward
Once an artist's name becomes strongly associated with a given tool, I find it becomes more difficult to find one's own voice using it, so I prefer tools that do not carry that baggage.
That said, I understand that sometimes it takes pressure from respected artists to catalyze innovations in engineering.
I definitely think that a new section on the website with exclusive interviews should be made!
The biggest reason I purchased the EFM was even before I fell in love with the sound - it was the form factor and how it ties in to the most important thing - production workflow. So many synths out there miss that point entirely. For instance - what is the point of creating an FM synth without a multitimbral capacity? I's not a regular OSC based synth that adding voices and timbrality is a major deign overhaul. Creating a digital synth and FM specifically without the ability to stack and to create MIDI channel based arrangement is completely missing the idea of music production.

And then of course is the complete genius architecture. Coming from Yamaha SY series made me abandon all hopes for an intuitive FM design, and even more recent software synths weren't able to bring dynamic workflow forward but EFM did that in a way that I don't think can be made any more fun and easy - without discriminating features (AKA Digitone)...