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Module version of new keyboards?

Would you consider a new module with the updated features you have planned for the keyboards? I realize that the current hardware can't be extended, but I was just thinking of how compact and powerful a combo this would be with mpc if the new USB audio were class compliant and compatible. While I do enjoy a keyboard, I don't have a ton of space for a bunch (more :-) of them and I'm also pretty happy with using my mpc pads in pad perform or the theoryboard in addition to my polybrute.
Do you mean a module version of the VFM keyboards ? This is not planned but depending on the requests that may be doable if enough people are interested 👍
The USB chip used in the EssenceFM cannot transfer audio, but the VFM will be able to do that (single or multi-channel, we aren't sure yet)
Yes, I meant a module version of the VFM keyboards, with all of the more advanced FM engine stuff you are planning. I really hope you get multi-channel usb audio. It seems a shame to have such a powerful engine and not have multi-channel usb for it.