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Start with last patch used

Would it be possible to have the option for EFM starting with the last voice/patch/performance used before turning it off? Not a big deal, but given the large number of patches, etc in it, this option will save time.
Colin Muir Dorward
+1 for this. I love turning a gear on and instantly picking up where I left off.
Also +1
It is theoretically possible, but we don't do that to avoid writing too much to the internal memory, since switching patches could be done very frequently.
The closest way to get some custom sounds ready at startup is to setup a performance with your sounds, and edit them from there (last performance is always loaded at startup). Alternatively, you can choose to start in Patch/Voice modes instead of Performance, and put your sounds at the top of the bank A so they are easily accessible.
Both options are far from solving this problem unfortunately. All you gotta do is write the mode (voice, patch, perf), bank and preset number into the internal memory before shutdown. That’s 3 bytes, if I am not mistaken.
I guess the problem is that there is only a limited amount of writes that the internal flash memory will have before the memory gets bad. So trying to avoid constant writes is understandable.

But is there way to use external USB memory instead as a workaround? So had an option to save current mode/voice/patch etc. to USB stick if present and loading it when powered on if that file is found. That way at least it is possible to replace the USB stick if it goes bad at some point for too many writes (and there are internal controller in USB sticks that tries to rotate the memory to minimize that effect anyways..)
If you could set a given patch as startup default that would be sufficient and require minimal memory I think.