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Headphone output only L channel?

Got a second hand FM last weekend and I'm loving it. Last night I was wanting to sit down and just make some patches, so I grabbed my headphones, only to find the headphone output is only coming out of the L channel. The R channel has some info, but not much and is noticeably more quiet. I can't seem to find any settings/patches that change this. Changing the panning nearly all the way over to the right seems to mostly fix it, but I really don't want to have to deal with that every time. The headphones themselves work fine and I tested them on other outputs just to make sure.

Am I missing a setting? Has this been reported before? It's not the end of the world, but I'm kinda bummed as I'd be nice to just lay in bed sometimes and make some patches for later.
Is the panning the same when you connect the EssenceFM through the main 1L/1R outputs using two jacks ?
Does turning the headphones volume potentiomenter up helps reducing the L/R difference ?

Please go into Global > Audio to check the audio levels, if the L/R channels shows a noticeable difference on screen.
No, output out of Jacks 1 & 2 work perfectly fine. I've checked the audio page while a sound was playing and it shows the audio is fine in both channels. I've only had an issue with the headphone jack. The original owner said they used the headphone output exclusively, rather than jacks 1 & 2.

Turning up the headphone volume keeps the low level volume in the R channel the same.
That may be a hardware issue, can you double-check with other headphones or connect it to a line input to be sure the EssenceFM is faulty. Send us an email ( with the purchase proof from the first owner then we'll take it back for repair.