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No more sound when assigning LFO to feedback level

When assigning the LFO to feedback level in the mod matrix, there's no more sound. Am I the only one ?

edit 1 : This will not happen all the time, another issue when modulating the feedback level with the LFO, I can here a light noise (I'm not talking about the feedback noise you get when pushing the feedback to the max) the ratio of the modulation is set to 10%

edit 2 : the sound disappeared again after assigning the LFO to the algo, so I guess it has to do with the global section of the mod matrix ?
Please export and post the voice here so we can take a look at it.
Depending on your operator's volumes, some algorithms will produce no sound at all, that's what you may be experiencing. If you stop the LFO or remove its modulation it will leave your sound with the last selected algorithm which doesn't correspond to what is displayed on screen anymore. You need to move an operator to force the sound to use the algorithm displayed on screen.
I just sent you a PM