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Stretching envelope times


As I was having lots of fun creating amazing sounds with my Kodamo, which seems to be the synth I have been looking for realizing the sonic world in my mind, I thought to myself how amazing it would be if one could stretch all envelopes (shorten or elongate them) with one single parameter on a voice basis. I think Ableton's Operator has this feature. I wonder if this could be possible on the EssenceFM. I know it is possible to achieve a similar effect using the ModMatrix, but that would be pretty cumbersome and there aren't enough modulations slots anyway.

This could simply be a modulation destination, if fitting it as a visible parameter on the user interface is a problem. But I can also imagine the Randomize function having its own tab and thus making space for future parameters on the Base tab.

I think I would love more envelope morphing/twisting functionality on the EssenceFM, like the invert function I had suggested here a while ago.