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Precise fixed frequency values for operators

I've realized that it is not possible to set very precise frequency values for operators in fixed mode because of how Multiplier and Fine parameters interact with each other... fine's resolution drops to 10Hz per step when Multiplier is at x10 and 100Hz when Multiplier is at x100, which is actually normal and also practical. But this means I cannot set an operator's frequency to, say, 3510Hz.

Could there be a way of entering this value using the on-screen keyboard? I guess it would involve turning the frequency display in fixed mode into a number box. I'd really like this and I believe it would be a very useful for creating very precise voices.
Bump :)
Can you give us more info on what you're trying to achieve? (why a precise high frequency would be useful). We are totally open to improve things, but each modification on the sound engine is complicated to avoid breaking compatibility with existing sounds.

This would be useful for creating beating frequencies, dissonant sound textures or for fixing an operator to a specific note precisely, for example. As far as I know, this is not possible at the moment. This is not a crucial feature, but would certainly add to the value of this amazing synthesizer.

Any hope this would be included in the next update?