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BPM grid and snap to grid in Envelope screen

BPM grid and snap to grid in Envelope screen.

You could make really incredible rhythmic patches that are in sync with your song if the vertical lines which are currently in the background of the envelope screen could be changed to musical values like the clock division feature which just got added to the LFO clock ?
Yes I have thought about requesting that too. I first thought that was what the lines were for.
Colin Muir Dorward
I was surprised that this was not already implemented.
Looping envelopes + tempo sync is simply a must have!
I suppose each envelope would need a sync/no-sync button, since we would want to choose if/when.
Envelopes durations aren't displayed in a linear fashion, to allow to easily manipulate very short and very long envelopes on screen (otherwise, you'd have to constantly zoom in/out to accomodate)
As a result displaying a linear grid matching BPM or something else is virtually impossible (or just not very user friendly, the grid spacing would vary for each segment). Currently, vertical lines are just here to show how much the envelope is zoomed in.
Colin Muir Dorward
IMHO a logarithmic distribution of tempo-sync grid markers would not be a problem whatsoever.
Or maybe I'm missing the point?
View option linear/log to solve the problem?