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Aftertouch Release?

I have to say it's awesome that with Version 5 firmware the Essence FM now automatically detects and auto responds to Channel or Poly Aftertouch data !

Is there any way to implement a global system wide MIDI "Aftertouch release" parameter? This greatly increases the playablity. Currently the 'release' is very abrupt due to the actual drop off of the MIDI data

I'm using both a Hydrasynth and Montage 7 as my controllers.

FYI, the Hydrasynth for it's internal processing of the Poly AT allows for setting the Aftertouch onset delay time, inital fade in time, release time, and the overall response curve & offset. This allows for a very musical, controllable & personalized performance of Aftertouch modulations. I don't know if it at possible to do that with processing the incoming MIDI AT data (Maybe Channel AT could work) but with Poly AT definitely would have data rate clog issues with current MIDI spec (maybe with MIDI 2.0 ?)

This is interesting, it sounds close to a smoothing feature.
Implementing a response curve for AT is possible, like we already did for velocity.