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I was having a go with the midi player and I like the idea of using this in a musical way especially with the slow down and fast pitch of the BPM.... could load in my own music samples when writing to get ideas etc... However I wish it included it's own volume option for midi player only. Make a slider above the speed option that controls the midi files volume only and maybe map the volume for the midi player to one of the 6 colored knobs?

I mean I guess I could put files in my computer DAW and do the same but be cool to have some stuff on USB and right inside the synth with you when you need to recall something for background music while playing sounds or maybe even for sound designing, like have a midi file of a sound you're trying to replicate? Play it while editing voices / patches inside Kodama to get a better match 😀 etc... I'm really not sure what else the midi player would be there for except for those reasons right? lol.