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Am not sure if this has been asked here or if it does exists already. Still only 2 weeks into playing and learning mine so forgive me.

Is there an option for scales input like some synths have like the microfreak synth and others.

Like if I want my midi controller to only play an "aeolian" scale and choose the key of "A"... therefore it'll only play the notes in that scale and it won't play any of the other notes that's not in the scale. I love this feature! Can we have it please if it's not already doable? If it's already an option can someone point me in the right direction as to where cause I haven't seen it. I've seen some scale stuff on the kodamo but don't think that has anything to do with what I want?
The scales can do something close, but instead of not playing some notes it can play the closest one, eg for a C major scale:

C => C (0 cents)
C# => C (0 cents)
D => D (200 cents)
D# => D (200 cents)
E => E (400 cents)
F => F (500 cents)
F# => F (500 cents)
G => G (700 cents)
G# => G (700 cents)
A => A (900 cents)
A# => A (900 cents)
B => B (1100 cents)
That's cool and worked well 😀 and saved it... It may be how microfreak does it and other synths but still be nicer to have a list of scales ready to be chosen so we don't have to know all that info and stuff. Like put in a list of like top 30 scales people use and we just choose the root note / key we wanna play in and then choose the scale :)
EDIT: I think the tuning function is broken? I put in the values like you said and saved as Cmaj cdefgab scale and it saved but then turned kodamo off and back on and it's there but it's back to sounding like normal c c# d d# e f etc.. etc..

Screenshot of what I did (used the new 5.0 screenshot feature hehe)

EDIT 2: Ok so in order to make it work I have to click Scale overide: none option per patch / voice and choose the scale I wrote and saved. Sadly I rather have a global option so I don't have to change it each time when going through patches / voices and stuff.
To make it global do the changes on the first tuning (Equal) That's the one used by every patch/voice by default.
That is cool and all but I wanna be able to save scales and use them globally 🙂 without having to keep changing it per patch. If i go and alter the "Equal" scale preset and save it in another slot, will it still remain global if chosen? I don't wanna have to keep changing "Equal" every time I wanna change scales is all.

Would just like a feature like microfreak and some other synths have that already has like I said pre-made scales, maybe like 30 or 50 of the top scales people use and can use any of them globally 😀 if it can be done please. Just seems like a less hassle trying to guess the numbers to input and make scale with and what not etc..