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How about an accompanying iPad app?

Maybe a funny request but what do you think about an accompanying iPad app for the EssenceFM? You’d surely be able to increase your workflow greatly by having access to all operator’s parameters in one screen or having several different pages open at the same time. But also for performing I think it would be very powerful. The synth company Modal have an accompanying iPad app for their synths and it works incredibly well.

- Additionally with an iPad app you could have Morphing with X/Y pads 🤩
- You would have easy access to Macro sliders assigned to any parameter in your 16 perform patches.
- Integrated CC automation/modulators.
- Numerous other advantages, I’m sure.

Hope to see this one day 😀
intersting idea, but not to double features from a already nice touchscreen interface to another, but to expand functionality.
i looked into the midi specs to see, what could be done with sysex and an app like mididesigner or (more familiar for me) pure data + mobmuplat (
that would automatically be iOS + android.
(even web midi could be an option - though apple doesn´t allow that on iOS.)
@kodamo: is there a sysex documentation to control the engine? or another way?
i am familiar with constructing sysex editors for my yamaha sy99 in pure data, which greatly expands the possibilities.

maybe it would be interesting to implement sth like the patch mutator engine from the nord modular G2:
Receiving voice data through SysEx could be easily made and we could open the format documentation. However the modular algorithms are a challenge to recreate on another software, the envelopes too due to their flexibility
yeah, i understand with the algorithm configuration. thats one of the most arcane businesses on the sy99, where there is one freely configurable algorithm available but only via sysex. its implemented in a kind of bus-system, where operators write to/read from. i attach a picture from the xy-manager, which helped me wrap my head around whats going on there. the envelopes on the other hand are single sysex commands for the individual rate&level settings, loop point etc. (if necessary, i´d be willing to sign an NDA just to get a look at the sysex specs to see, whats possible.)
Thanks for the offering. What we'd like to do is open-sourcing the voice sysex format to let the community create any application using it on any support. We don't have the resources to develop this application in-house (at least currently)
of course thats the very best solution👍
looking forward to seeing the sysex list when you are ready. (no pressure)
thank you!
Glad you are open to the idea. I really think it would fit very well with the EFM and create a great interest in the synth community. Expanded functionality yes sure, that's the whole point. Being able to have all operator's envelopes/settings on one screen would make sound design even faster and some great performance features could be added.
Preferably I think Kodamo should develop the app so that it will support the EFM in the very best way and be consistent with updates. Also aesthetics is important so that we have a clean and inspiring looking app. If anyone third party is able to do this then that would also be good but I'd rather see one well made app than 3 half-baked ones.
Being able to have all operator's envelopes/settings on one screen

...i don´t know, wich ipad you have, but on my 9.7 ipad pro, i probably would need a magnifier to make out details on a screen with all 6 operators and their guts together.
look up for example the screenshots of the ipad editor for the fs1r (another fm beast):
technically everything is there and they did a great job, but from a practical point of view...i don´t know.
at least certainly not for performance.
having macro controls and a thing like the physics engine of the lemur app is of course another story.
They come in 12.9" now... 😀
It doesn't really matter though. It should of course be functional and easy to use and not cramped.
Pretty sure we'll all have phones the size of yardsticks hanging out of pockets soon lol. I thought we were going backwards and wanted tiny stuff now people want large computers in their pants.
and for the price of an ipad 12.9 i´d rather buy another EFM 😀