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Ok so when clicking on random dice inside of a voice or patch you'll get a * up by the name at the top to let you know that the patch has been altered and say you hit random 10 times, you can use the undo/redo buttons to cycle forward and back between what you already did.... however I think have a number indication would be helpful up there. So I can keep track of how many times I've used the random function or say I came across something on random number 18 and then kept going to random 35 but I wanna go back to 18 because it's the one I enjoyed the most. A visual of the number would be very helpful. :)
It's quite a good idea but it could be pretty distracting to have that number increasing each time you do something.
May I suggest saving directly your sound to another slot right when you find it
I don't find it any more distracting compared to when a dice moves when using random etc.. More distracting to have to save it in a slot each time in my opinion. Also takes more time away from sound sculpting when you're in the moment. Again if I hit random dice 7 times while searching for a sound and then I like say number 8 but just not sure on it so I keep going and then suddenly land on 45 and realize that 8 was probably the best I was going to get so it allows me to have an indication of where 8 is when I hit the undo button until 8 shows up.
That is very specific and I agree with Kodamo here. If you like a random result just save it right away.
This is for a heat of the moment type thing while scanning through the random dice function. A number indicator showing how many times you used the random dice... again this way if you come across a random you liked say number 8 again but you weren't too sure on it so you kept going and landed on on random 45 and thought to yourself well 8 was probably the best so you use the undo function and it cycles backwards from 45 to 0. The function is already there with the undo/redo buttons, it just needs a number indicator while using it is all, so I can pick out 8 out of the crowd.

The saving feature seems worse and takes more time. Now you gotta save it to a slot for a "maybe" or a "what if" and use up space etc.. each time I come across an algorithm that I think may be of use while scanning the dice feature.

Oh well not a big problem, just thought it would be easy to just add a number indicator at the top of the breadcrumb area when using the undo/redo function while playing with the random dice.
On the other hand, I believe that in the random mode, randomization percentages should be entered, otherwise the dosage would be too abrupt and give too extreme results, what do you think?
Do you mean like where we can input how much of a certain thing randomizes?

For instance if LFO is checked, we can adjust it to only randomize 40% out of 100%?

I'd like that too.
YES, of course, just that.
+1 for Random percentage
Still hope we can get a patch randomizer at some point. It's cool we can randomize each voice / layer inside of a patch but it would be cool just to randomize the entire patch... Like say we had 7 layers and it randomizes all 7 at the same time 😀