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Lofi options/waveform interpolation

I really like the clean sound of the ESFM but have you thought about making more Lo-Fi options?
The waveform interpolation is nice, quite subtle though but something a lot more like early Yamaha OPL chips etc, a lot of the early FM implementations have so much character?
Have you tried going to Global and then Audio. There's an option to uncheck waveform interpolation.... Maybe that will help you.

"Disable Waveform Interpolation: By
default the EssenceFM applies a real-time linear interpolation to the waveforms to
improve quality and reduce aliasing. You can disable this feature by checking that option
if you prefer the raw sound, more like
legacy FM chips used in 80-90’s gear."

EDIT: Oops I just now seen where you did know about the waveform interpolation. Sorry, I should read before commenting lol.
There's another important thing to do in addition to checking Disable Waveform Interpolation to have a sound like the old FM implementations.
Select the Bitcrush effect, apply it globally with 0% dry and 100% wet with the following settings:

Frequency: 0
Bit Reduction: try different values from 35 (subtle) to 127 (exaggerated)
Cutoff: 127 (disabled)

That will simulate quantization noise on the envelopes and DAC, creating the famous "zipper noise" on note releases.

Sound design also plays an important role, do not use any other effect and limit yourself to a single layer of 4-Op per note
Nice, these settings sounds sweet 'n crunchy.