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Torso T-1 Sequencer with EssenceFM (Track)

I have received my T-1 euclidean sequencer from my friends at Torso Electronics here in Copenhagen and so far it feels like it was made for the EssenceFM :D
Here’s my first video with the T-1. It’s very new and a very deep sequencer so I only played some patterns and did a bit of knob turning. I’m sequencing just one sound from the EssenceFM with a long release and reverb. Some effects from Octatrack.

This is inspiring!
How intuitive was it to begin working with the T-1?

And I do agree with you...after looking at the specs it looks like a great match!..
Thanks. I did the video after about one day with it so I’d say pretty intuitive. I’ve only got 1-3 tracks playing one midi channel on the EFM. You can do A LOT with a single track on the T-1. You need to get to know the basics and then experiment with each new feature and how it affects what's already playing. Then when you begin to know the key combos and experiment you can get some outright crazy and often very beautiful things going on. There are many happy accidents which creates some very interesting musical pieces that you would not otherwise come across by manual playing. It is a different, more experimental way of working since it’s an euclidean sequencer and you should probably still have a traditional sequencer too. I’m very exited about it (and the EFM too).
Thanks Soarer!
This definitely looks great for my setup as well. I am weary about going modular because of the endless expense and the trial and error but with something like this I can use my hardware it a modular way but in a very succinct way without loads of modules. It looks impressive for teh amount of interfacing it's capable for this size.

Do you know if it sends MIDI out so you can actually record the sequences to continue working with them in a DAW?
It wouldn’t work without sending midi out :)
Oh yes you can record both from midi out and USB.
But what you mention there is also a great advantage being able to record everything in midi files.
Yes of course about the MIDI out :) but I wanted to confirm that it's possible to record the data to a DAW..this is great. Yes recording any "accidents" to a DAW is essentials to preserve the moment. Looks like it's a great tool to get those modular vibes without complicating things and especially if you already have good hardware synths with MIDI and CV...
I wonder how long will be the wait on a preorder :)
You can save anything in a pattern so those happy accidents can most of the time be saved.
Yes it feels pretty close to a modular with these two together.