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Would it be possible to make sure that some effect parameters, for example the equalizer bands, can be modulated from the modulation matrix (by one or more envelopes of one of the voices or by the single voice)? this would add a kind of general filter.
Or, even the phaser rates, and as many parameters as possible, would give much more possibilities to the expressiveness of the sound.
But a midi clock on the effects parameters would also be very useful
In other words, having the effect reset when the key is pressed, for example the phaser rate or other ...
It can be done?
PS, I will soon be making another video with the latest sounds created with this wonderful synth !!
Where can I see your video.
this one I'm talking about is not ready yet .. but you can see it is above all listening to the others on YouTube .. look for Giampiero Occhiato essence FM .. or look for the links on the forum ... bye
Hello, I would like a response from Kodamo also thanks .. Greetings to all
It's not easily doable. Maybe it will be possible at some point, but not guaranteed. Also in many cases modulating the effects (which are global) with voice-related things would only work in mono mode. In poly mode notes would fight each other to control the effect parameters in different ways.
I quite like this idea but I see how it would maybe not work as Kodamo mentioned..

One thing I thought as an alternative that'd also have other uses is if we were able to assign controllers to parameters in the performance section so we could for example, control the effect sends, the volume of instruments / fx or the output selection.

The above would be really useful I think!