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low output level?

Seems like the overall output is quite low when the digital gain is set at 100% compared to other synths and instruments?
I've not yet tried increasing the digital gain, I might do soon though.
It's possible, we added a lot of margin for the polyphony. However 100% doesn't refer to anything, you can set it to any value you like (even 250%) without affecting the sound quality.
Ideally, you'd want to maximize the volume without hitting 0dB
ok, that's good to know thanks, yes that makes sense if you have 16 voices summing together.
Although, maybe the overall gain should be saved as part of the performance master volume?
If one performance only has 1 or 2 voices and then you jump to a performance with 16 , the volume change is going to be hard to manage live.
I'm using 200% running stereo out for now. Over the next few weeks I'll be moving to a multi out workflow, but I doubt that I would adjust down.
Where I find I have to do the most gain stage tweaking is in the performance menu FX routing so I have saved a few defaults better suited to my workflow.