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Use with ROLI RISE 49 and mpe

Phil P
I am trying to use the Essence FM with my ROLI RISE but I was not able to use all functionalities of the ROLI to control sounds (the five dimensions) so far. Is anybody able to help here? I am already using an OB6 Desktop with the ROLI, and with the mpe functionalities implemented with the last firmware update, this became very easy and intuitive. @ Kodamo: are you planning to implement something like this in near future, to facilite the use with mpe controllers?
This would really be fantastic, with the amazing possibilities offered by the Essence fm!
By the way, I would like to congratulate the Kodamo team for developing this fantastic instrument, making fm synthesis so accessible and easy to program!
From Roli's website:
Strike corresponds to the MIDI message of note-on velocity, Press to aftertouch or pressure, Glide to pitch bend, Slide to CC 74, and Lift to note-off (release) velocity.

These are all available as sources in the modulation matrix, so you should be able to control your sounds with them
Phil P
Indeed, by reprogramming the mod matrix sources I start getting great results!
Once you start it's difficult to stop: really addictive :-)