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Export audio to key group

Export audio in to a key group format I’m still not a EFM user. But I like to be come one in the near future. On this moment I do prepare myself reading the owners manual. I really miss the ability to send audio over USB. I understand that for this ability it’s to late. Because this can’t be solve with a software update. Maybe it’s a idea to export audio in Akai key group format.

It’s possible to auto sample to a hardware sampler or daw, by sending midi data to EFM and sample from the outputs from the EFM to the sampler (hardware/software). But it’s better to stay in the digital domain, if it was possible to exporting the following packet:
- Voice / Patch, note name, octave number
- How many samples per octave
- Duration per sample

Is this asking to much? ?
Thank you for the suggestion, in fact we initially planned to allow anyone to access patch list and patch details via the Ethernet port.
However it's probably not what you want, because having 3 layers in a Patch doesn't mean you need only 3 samples. The timbre can vary greatly between notes depending on how the FM sound is made, even the duration can change if something is modulating envelope durations. So exporting this data woudn't be really useful, you'd need to decide manually how many notes you want to sample, at which key and velocity, for each patch (also some patch may sound different with aftertouch, mod wheel etc.)