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Mod Matrix offsets implementation

I find it strange - the way that the mod offset works in the EFM. In any other synth I’ve used the modulation is added to the current parameter value when you set the mod amount. Why do I first have to set the offset to the approximate same value as the parameter I want to modulate? This way makes it pretty tedious and time consuming to set up modulations. In any case, at zero offset and zero mod amount there really should be no change to the parameter destination but there is.

Also I find that I cannot set two mod sources to modulate the same parameter which is rather disappointing.

Hope this can be improved.
I totally agree with you. Further on I was thinking about a kind of "morph" function. You set the original voice as the starting point, than tweak up to 8 parameters and set this as the destination values. When you increase the modulation source value the original parameters change until they reach the destination point at the maximum value.