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post a link to the new forum in the old


being an essenceFM user from the very beginning and also reading the (now) old forum since it existed, i just accidentally discovered this new one, wondering, why the old was quiet for some days.
maybe it would be good to post a alst message there redirecting folks here?

i know, i am oldfashioned, but i would hate to miss out on things and, to be honest, loathe the existence of a facebook group.
there are good reasons i believe to abstain from asocial media, but thats up to individual choices of course. in my observation the gain of faster turnaround is greatly diminsihed by fragmentation of discourse. at least i for one enjoy reading my various forums with the morning caffee :-)

best hans
What is the old forum you're mentionning? This one at is the only one we created, others are probably created by the community.
By the way we encourage users to also post on other forums like Gearslutz, Elektronauts and others, as it helps visibility to anyone interested in synths.
now thats embarrassing: i completely missed out on the introduction of categories and since my old bookmark for the forum has automatically now become category "feature requests", i thought there was a new forum...facepalm and sorry for the noise :-)

as for the other half of my post, i was referring to the "Essence Facebook Group" mentioned in mannys post "some patches". of course kodamos praise should be sung in any relevant forum on the internets, but i am (more than) a little worried by the existence of a dedicated facebook group for the synth, since i have witnessed the slow disintegration of information in other forums before. not everyone is as gentle as dr. synth in reposting to this place what has been posted on facebook already.

best hans